Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle are essential for good health but the pressures of modern life can often affect our best intentions.

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist your health & wellbeing are important to me.

A nutritional therapy approach supports all your body's major systems such as digestion, detoxification, hormones & energy production working to identify any imbalances which may be contributing to your health concerns and symptoms.  

I work with clients using The Functional Medicine Model & place great emphasis on an effective therapeutic relationship, valuing you as a unique individual. One size does not fit all - especially when it comes to advice on your health. I know that your needs can only be met by working with you to develop a personalized nutrition and lifestyle programme which will be easy for you to implement and will support you in achieving and maintaining your health & wellbeing goals such as a healthy digestive system, optimal energy levels or emotional & psychological wellbeing.

If you know you need to take control of your health, get in touch with me today to find out how I may be able to support you.


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What my clients say

  • "Very comprehensive, considering I have my own views/knowledge, I am probably not the ‘easiest of clients’. I had already made up my mind what I was going to do relating to food exclusions which Kathy convinced me would be quite restrictive. By the end of the session I was confident that I could implement the plan and everything was explained very well. It was also helpful to have notes emailed to me rather than rely on my own notes – this was done very promptly (the same day). The supplement, nourishing food lists etc were extremely helpful."

    Kathryn, London

  • "A top quality lady. Listen and learn."

    Toby C

  • "Kathy was extremely understanding of my symptoms and very patient with me throughout the thorough assessment. She non-judgementally shared her knowledge and suggested ways I could change my diet to help improve symptoms. I felt very comfortable sharing my symptoms with her and she was able to meet my goals."

    Gemma, Bedford

  • "Kathy's consultation was very thorough and I felt she understood and got to the root of my problems. She has supported me through changes I have made and I have had great results. I have consistently lost weight and my symptoms from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome have disappeared. Kathy is very good at inspiring and motivating change."

    JAS, North London

  • ""My symptoms of bloating and cramps have almost completely disappeared. My bowel appears to be working more efficiently too. The most noticeable thing is that I am not hungry all the time which I was previously and thought that might get worse. I have lost weight (hooray) and am feeling good.""

    Sara, Bedford